Yingji Zhao

Academic Background
April, 2021 Admission to Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University (Ph.D program)
February, 2020 Project Assistant, School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, East China Normal University
July, 2018 School of Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Master of Science, Chemistry)
July, 2015 Graduated from School of Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Bachelor of Science, Applied Chemistry)

Research Theme
Controlled synthesis of functional carbon materials for energy applications.

1. Recent advances in catalytic properties of LDHs/carbon composite materials
Yingji Zhao, Guoli Fan, Feng Li, SCIENTIA SINICA Chimica, 47, 396-407, 2017.

2. Highly efficient solvent-free aerobic oxidation of ethylbenzene over hybrid Zn–Cr layered double hydroxide/carbon nanotubes nanocomposite
Yingji Zhao, Renfeng Xie, Yanjun Lin, Guoli Fan, Feng Li, Catalysis Communications, 114, 65-69, 2018.

3. Assembling Ni–Co phosphides/carbon hollow nanocages and nanosheets with carbon nanotubes into a hierarchical necklace-like nanohybrid for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction
Yingji Zhao, Guoli Fan, Lan Yang, Yanjun Lin, Feng Li, Nanoscale, 10, 13555-13564, 2018.

4. A strong coupled 2D metal-organic framework and ternary layered double hydroxide hierarchical nanocomposite as an excellent electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction
Jingjing Xu, Yingji Zhao, Mengyuan Li, Guoli Fan, Lan Yang, Feng Li, Electrochimica Acta, 307, 275-284, 2019.

5. Phosphorus- and Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanosheets Constructed with Monolayered Mesoporous Architectures
Haibo Tan, Yingji Zhao, Wei Xia, Jiacheng Zhao, Xingtao Xu, Kathleen Wood, Yoshiyuki Sugahara, Yusuke Yamauchi, Jing Tang, Chemistry of Materials, 32, 4248-4256, 2020.

6. Highly ordered macroporous dual-element-doped carbon from metal–organic frameworks for catalyzing oxygen reduction
Wei Xia, Michelle A. Hunter, Jiayu Wang, Guoxun Zhu, Sarah J. Warren, Yingji Zhao, Yoshio Bando, Debra J. Searles, Yusuke Yamauchi, Jing Tang, Chemical Science, 11, 9584-9592, 2020.

7. Nanoengineering Metal–Organic Framework‐Based Materials for Use in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Reactions
Yingji Zhao, Lingling Zheng, Dong Jiang, Wei Xia, Xingtao Xu, Yusuke Yamauchi, Jianping Ge, Jing Tang, Small, 17, 2006590, 2021.